VIFLY Drone Strobe Light, Anti-Collision Light for FAA Drone Night Flight, Fits DJI Mavic, Mini 2, Air 2S, Phantom, Inspire

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Why choose VIFLY Strobe instead of other drone strobe lights?
VIFLY Strobe is super bright which can be easily seen at night from 3 kilometers away. It weighs only 5.9g which has almost no effect on your flying drone, most of other competitors are more than 10g. VIFLY Strobe is less than half the cost of other strobe lights, you can attach one at the top to flash white as an anti-collision light, a second bundle at the foot to flash green and red as the position light.

3+ miles of visibility, meets FAA anti-collision lights rules

VIFLY Strobe use 5*3W high-intensity LED which provide the largest range available for a mini strobe. 360 ° 3 + mile visibility meets all FAA guidelines, a must have accessory for your safe flight at night.

3 different colors 3 different modes

We use 5 light bulbs, 3 white, 1 red and 1 green. Each color has 3 modes, strobe, hbzk, iti and mutzk. You can use 3 white LEDs for the FAA 3-mile visibility request and red/red LED for maintaining line of sight (LOS). Our strobe can be your last mode setting, no need to set it again for the next flight time.

Compact and lightweight

VIFLY Strobe weighs only 6 grams which has almost no effect on your drone’s weight and flight time. To keep Strobe Light as powerful as possible, we use 160mAh that can last at least 4 hours in strobe mode on a single charge.

Easy installation for all drones

Due to the tiny size and light weight, you can easily install VIFLY strobe on your drones like mounting it in the upper/lower part or bundling it in the leg part with the 3M double lock in the package.

Technical Specifications:
Weight: 5.9g

Working time: 4 hours

LEDs: 3pcs Whilte / 1pc Red / 1pc Green

Visibility: 3 + miles

Charging Port: Micro USB

Charging time: 1.6 hours

Charging voltage: 4.5-5.5V