VIFLY Finder V2 FPV Racing Drone Buzzer with Battery Lost Drone Alarm 110dB Tracker

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Why choose VIFLY Finder 2 instead of other drone drones?

After much optimization and updating, VIFLY Finder 2 will be the most intelligent and reliable drone buzzer on the market. It is installed very loud because the volume can be up to 110dB. It can help you find the lost quad easily even when your drone battery has been discharged. The built-in lighting sensor can detect light intensity and then quickly control LED light to flash, it will be very helpful when you need to find the lost quad in the dark. The algorithm of VIFLY Finder 2 is highly tuned because the working time can reach 30 hours while other drone drones can only work for a few hours. VIFLY Finder 2 is the most popular self powered drone drone and highly recommended by pro pilots and hot FPV reviews like Joshua Bardwell.

main features:

1. Work as well as regular and independent buzzer
VIFLY Finder 2 can work as a standard buzzer that be controlled by your radio. It can also beep automatically when it detects the main battery has been discharged.
2. Super loud, 110dB volume
VIFLY Finder 2 is installed very loudly because the volume is almost 110dB, it is much louder than a standard buzzer.
3. LED flash automatically when dark
The built-in lighting sensor can detect light intensity and then quickly control the LED flash. It will be very helpful to find the quad in the dark.
4. Be compatible with both FPV quadcopter and RC airplane
VIFLY finder 2 is programmed to be compatible with all flight controllers supporting FPV quad, and receivers for RC airplane
Technical Specifications:
Size: 24*13*16mm
Weight: 5 grams
Volume: up to 110 dB
Working time: up to 30 hours
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Input voltage: 4.5 – 8.5 V