Freestyle byrjanda DIY dróna pakki – Joshua Bardwell Útgáfa V2 – Analog

47.994 kr.

Viltu mastera FPV, þá þarftu að smíða fyrst þinn eigin dróna og læra allt sem þarf að vita um drónan. Með hjálp frá Joshua Bardwell og „step by step“ youtube leiðbeiningum gerist þetta ekki auðveldara.

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  • This Kit is designed for Freestyle FPV and can carry an HD Recording camera for Epic footage
  • Powerful Xilo Stax V2 45A BLHeli_32 ESC with Current sensor and Telemetry
  • Xilo Stax V2 F4 Flight Controller with latest BetaFlight firmware compatibility
  • Full DIY Kit has verything you need to build the FPV drone
  • Made in Collaboration with FPV expert Joshua Bardwell
  • Frame made of High-Quality Lumenier components
  • Powerful and smooth Stealth 2207 6S 1800KV Motors
  • Caddx Ratel 2 Camera System
  • AUW of 350g without Battery

What’s New?

This kit has been developed and designed after the amazing popularity and well received Version 1, the XILO 5” Freestyle DIY Kit. In this case Lumenier and Xilo worked side by side with Joshua Bardwell on multiple features to make the kit even better:

  • New Airframe Design: The QAV-S – Joshua Bardwell Edition frame optimizes the space and weight for a 5” quad design, with a low profile body for electronics, enough space to fit an Analog or Digital Video System, engineered center of gravity when carrying an Action Camera, robust and structured design that is meant for hardcore freestyle.
  • New Motors: The Xilo Stealth 2207 is a modern looking motor that has a sleek blacked out design. It is budget friendly and features a stainless steel shaft for added strength, high-temperature copper winding, smooth stainless-steel bearings, and a no-slip prop mounting surface.
  • New Electronics: The new XILO STAX V2 features an optimized design layout compatible with a plug and play DJI connector and has optimal solder pad layout for Receiver and Analog video transmitter.
  • New Propellers: The new Gemfan 51477 is a lightweight design that Joshua Bardwell chose as a good balanced, durable, and versatile propeller for freestyle lovers. And it is purple!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! No matter your skill level, this kit is made for you! We take the guesswork out of picking parts by compiling all the gear together in one easy to assemble kit. This all-inclusive bundle pairs together proven components that are guaranteed to work well together, making the build easy for you.

Not only do you get all the parts, but XILO has partnered with the renowned FPV instructor Joshua Bardwell with a full step-by-step build guide. This build guide takes you from start to finish, building, setup, tuning, flying, radio setup, binding, updating, and more! All you have to do is follow the instructions in the video and you’ll be flying your own freestyle FPV drone in no time!


This bundle comes with everything the „drone“ itself needs except the radio receiver. If you are just getting into FPV and don’t have anything yet there are a few key components you will need in addition to this kit to be able to fly. Please check out our „Additional Suggested Parts“ list below for suggestions. The good news is most of these parts you can use across multiple drones, so it is an upfront investment, but you won’t have to necessarily buy them for every drone you build .

You will need the following in addition to this kit if you don’t already have them:

  • Radio Transmitter (Controller)
  • FPV Goggles / Video Receiver
  • Tools for Building
  • Battery Charger
  • Flight Batteries
  • Radio Receiver


  • Frame: Lumenier QAV-S 5″ Joshua Bardwell Edition
  • Motors: Xilo Stealth 2207 1800KV 6S Motors
  • Antenna: Xilo 5.8GHz RHCP SMA Antenna
  • Propellers: JB Gemfan Hurricane 51477
  • FC: Xilo Stax V2 F4 flight Controller
  • Camera: Caddx Ratel 2 Camera
  • ESC: Xilo Stax V2 45A ESC
  • VTX: Xilo Stax 5.8GHz VTX
  • Reccomended LiPo: 6S
  • Arm Length: Up to 5.1″ Propeller clearance


  • 1x Lumenier QAV-S 5″ Joshua Bardwell Edition Frame Kit
  • 3x JB Gemfan Hurricane 51477 Propellers (Set of 4)
  • 1x Custom Soft Zipper Case – JB Edition
  • 1x Frequency & Voltage Chart Sticker Sheet
  • 4x Xilo Stealth 2207 1800KV 6S Motors
  • 1x Xilo 5.8GHz RHCP SMA Antenna
  • 1x Xilo Stax V2 F4 flight Controller
  • 1x Caddx Ratel 2 Camera
  • 1x Xilo Stax V2 45A ESC
  • 1x Connecting Wires Set
  • 1x Xilo Stax 5.8GHz VTX
  • 1x 3D Printed Parts Set
  • 12x Blue Dampers
  • 8x Zip Ties