TBS Tango 2 – Module Bay Add-on

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Expand the fun in FPV with this brand new TBS Tango 2 – Module Bay Add-on. The possibilities are endless.

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After-market mod to add a module bay to your Tango 2. Sticks to the back of your Tango 2 and plugs into the receptacle board of your Tango 2.


  1. Open your Tango 2 and remove the back shell
  2. Find the location for the cutout on the Tango 2 back shell (on the inside, near the power button)
  3. Use a dremel, knife or solder tip to cut a small hole accoridng to the outline
  4. Ensure fit of the flex PCB
  5. Clean the back surface and tape the Tango 2 module bay down
  6. Slide the flex PCB in and place it into the receptacle
  7. Fit the flex PCB into the PCB inside the module bay and place it into the receptacle
  8. Close the module bay, and you’re done!

Warning: Batch 1 of Tango 2 shipped without module bay capability. Please verify that there is a connector (in pictures above) before purchasing this add-on. Upgrade PCB’s are available!

Also, whenever opening up your Tango 2 in future, you will need to open the module bay and release the flex PCB from the socket.


  • „LITE“ style module bay add-on for Tango 2
  • Comptabile with TBS Tango 2 main board „V007A“ and up